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MX 342 Buckingham

MX342 Buckingham.JPG

MX 342 Buckingham - breeding stallion


For a detailed pedigree and history of Buckingham, please click on the link below:

MX 342 Buckingham

About Us

MX #444 Sunrise

Just a little info on us:

We’ve been in the bucking horse industry for over 30 years.  We started with our own bloodlines in 1995 and have carefully selected mares and stallions to compliment our breeding program.


We’ve been very diligent in managing our herd, wanting to produce only animals that will do the job they were bred to do.  David rode Saddle Bronc horses for many years, and understands the “cowboy” side of wanting to get on a good bucking horse that will bring you to the pay window.


Since we’ve been on our own, we have been very cautious about managing our breeding program so as to ensure that the highest percentage of bucking horse prospects turn out into solid career horses.


We’ve had a good number of our horses make it to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo so far since we “fine-tuned” our program, and many others have done well for the stock contractors that have bought them.


God bless and enjoy our site!

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