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***Keep checking back as we build our page with
the history of our treasured buckers.***

Foggy Mountain

Foggy Mountain was born in 1985 on the McDonald ranch located south of Hylo, Alberta.

Foggy stood at 17 hands and weighed 1600 pounds, he died and was buried in 2003 at the MX Bar Ranch.

Foggy raised NFR horses MX #100 First Kiss (now owned by Pete Carr Pro Rodeo) and MX #69 Sacred Nation (now owned by Bridwell Pro Rodeo) and his bloodlines are still in our herd through his three daughters: MX #38 Santana (dam to NFR MX #23 Black Knight) MX #70 Silver Sister and MX #251 Daisy Duke.

Foggy Mountain went to the WRA (Wild Rose Rodeo Assocation) Finals and LRA (Lakeland Rodeo Association) Finals and was the WRA Saddlebronc horse of the year in 1988 as a three year old.

Foggy Mountain standing[147].jpg

My Maria

MX My Maria was born in 1994, and was a weanling when we started our program.

She's gone on to raise NFR horses MX #48 Alberta Child (now owned by Pete Carr Pro Rodeo) and is the granddam to NFR MX #105 Seniora (now owned by Frontier Rodeo) and has had other exceptional athletes, MX #124 Adalida (was owned by Bridwell Pro Rodeos) and NFR MX #374 Mary (now owned by Bridwell Pro Rodeos)

My Maria was bucked in the LRA (Lakeland Rodeo Association) WRA (Wild Rose Rodeo Association) and the CCA (Canadian Cowboys Association)

My Maria 2020

Spotty Crop

MX #777 Spotty Crop was born in 2000, purchased as a two year old from Clyde Roasting located in Hobbema/Maskwacis, Alberta.

Along with seven other young studs, three were kept, and two were gelded, Spotty was kept a stallion.

Spotty Crop has gone on to raise NFR horses MX #105 Seniora (owned by Frontier Rodeo) MX #68 Hylo Hills, MX #48 Alberta Child (both owned by Pete Carr Pro Rodeo) C5 F11 Black Moon & F21 Black Strap (owned by C5 Rodeo).  Also MX #371 Momma's Boy & MX #374 Mary (now owned by Bridwell Pro Rodeos)


The life of  MX 777 Spotty Crop

Spotty Crop

Let Go

MX Let Go was born in 1993, and was purchased from a PMU barn. Her dam was a Harry Foley mare.

 She was one of the four founding mares of MX Bar Ranch (including Question Mark, Anything Goes and Cut Loose) and is the dam to NFR MX #941 Storm Cloud (now owned by Stace Smith Pro Rodeos).  We kept one daughter, MX #92 Wow Chicita to carry on her bloodlines.

Let Go passed away at home at the MX Bar Ranch on October 23rd, 2018 

Let Go in her retired years
Storm Cloud and Ritchie Champion at Cheyenne

MX #941 Storm Cloud

Blue Jeans

MX #05 Blue Jeans was born in 1984 and was purchased from Alec Piche in June 1998 along with her two daughters MX #7 A6 Chicago Hope (born 1988) and MX Tribal Trail (born 1996 and purchased in 1999) 

She went on to have NFR MX #45 Way Too Cool (was owned by Stace Smith Pro Rodeos) and is the granddam to NFR MX #23 Black Knight, NFR MX #40 Black Coffee and NFR MX #68 Hylo Hills (all three owned by Pete Carr Pro Rodeo) 

We kept two daughters off of her, MX #38 Santana and MX #56 Cold North.

Blue Jeans passed away on April 23rd, 2011 at the MX Bar Ranch.

Hylo Hills at the NFR

MX #68 Hylo Hills

Santana wins the horse of the LRA Finals

MX #38 Santana

Tighten Down

MX #25 Tighten Down was born in 1995 on the McDonald ranch, her dam was 4B Tighten Up, a Yellow Bird line mare.

Tighten Down went to the 1997 Ponoka Stampede as a two year old, and was bucked numerous times in CCA (Canadian Cowboys Association) and the WRA (Wild Rose Rodeo Association) 

Tighten Down is the dam to MX Cimatee (CCA finals horse) and MX Grey Mum (dam to NFR MX #371 Momma's Boy)

We kept a grandson, MX #470 Alberta Smoke who is a full brother to NFR MX #371 Momma's Boy. (now owned by Bridwell Pro Rodeo)

Tighten Down passed away July 1st, 2004.

Tighten Down - our horse trailer logo
Momma's Boy - a grandson to Tighten Down

MX #371 Momma's Boy


MX #440 Chirrikawa was born in 2004 and was purchased from the Real Birds when he was three. We brought him up, proved him and then used him in our program for eight years before passing him on to Joe Simon with Dakota Rodeo, where he went on to the WNFR.

Chirrikawa is a paternal brother to Painted Valley (their sire is Oil Train) and he's gone on to raise NFR horses MX #23 Black Knight (now owned by Pete Carr Pro Rodeo), MX #941 Storm Cloud (owned by Stace Smith Pro Rodeos) & MX #40 Mr. Worldwide (now owned by Harper & Morgan Rodeo Co.)

Chirrikawa bucking with Dakota Rodeo
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