NFR Stock

Black Coffee

Name: MX #40 Black Coffee

Born: March 31st, 2001

Sex: Mare

Black Coffee's dam is MX Tribal Trail, and is sired by 4B Wild Discovery. 

She was sold to Pete Carr in 2004 at the Breeders Classic Bucking Horse Sale in North Dakota.

She's been to the WNFR multiple times as a bareback.


Alberta Child

Name: MX #48 Alberta Child

Born: June 3rd, 2004

Sex: Mare

Alberta Child's dam is MX My Maria, and is sired by MX #777 Spotty Crop. 

She was sold to Pete Carr at the Breeders Classic Bucking Horse Sale in North Dakota.

So far she's had four WNFR qualifications in the bareback. Her latest being this year as a 14 year old.


Black Knight

Name: MX #23 Roman Royal aka "Black Knight"

Born: May 27th, 2010

Sex: Stallion

Black Knight's dam is MX #38 Santana, and is sired by MX #440 Chirrikawa. 

He was sold to Pete Carr.

He went on to have two WNFR qualifications in 2014 and 2015 as a bareback.



Name: MX #105 Seniora

Born: May 25th, 2009

Sex: Mare

Seniora's dam is MX Seniorita (daughter to MX My Maria) and is sired by MX #777 Spotty Crop.

Seniora was sold to Frontier Rodeo.

She went on to the WNFR as a bareback in 2017.

MX Seniora 105 with Kaycee Feild The Ame

Hylo Hills

Name: MX #68 Hylo Hills

Born: May 13th, 2004

Sex: Gelding

Hylo Hills' dam is MX Chicago Hope (daughter to MX #05 Blue Jeans) and is sired by MX #777 Spotty Crop.

Hylo Hills was sold to Pete Carr Pro Rodeo.

He went on to the WNFR as a bareback.


Storm Cloud

Name: MX #941 Storm Cloud

Born: June 2nd, 2009

Sex: Gelding

Storm Cloud's dam is MX Let Go and is sired by MX #440 Chirrikawa.

Storm Cloud was sold to Stace Smith Pro Rodeo.

He went on to the WNFR in 2014 as a bareback.


First Kiss

Name: MX #100 First Kiss

Born: May 23rd, 2003

Sex: Mare

First Kiss' dam is MX Shade Of Blue and is sired by MX Foggy Mountain.

First Kiss was sold to Pete Carr Pro Rodeo.

So far she's had three WNFR qualifications in the bareback.

First Kiss Austin Foss San Angelo Feb 27

Island Girl

Name: MX #22 Island Girl

Born: April 28th, 2001

Sex: Mare

Island Girl's dam is MX Shade Of Blue and is sired by MX Morely.

Island Girl was sold to Pete Carr Pro Rodeo.

She went on to make the WNFR in the bareback riding.


Sacred Nation

Name: MX #69 Sacred Nation

Born: April 28th, 2002

Sex: Mare

Sacred Nation's dam is MX Four Nations and is sired by MX #55 Foggy Mountain.

Sacred Nation was sold to Bridwell Pro Rodeo and headed south March 12th 2016.

So far she has had two WNFR qualifications, 2016 and 2017 in the bareback.


Girl Crush

Name: MX #191 Surprise aka "Girl Crush"

Born: March 17th, 2010

Sex: Mare

Surprise's dam is MX Sweet Strawberry (a mare we got from Ron McDonald) we don't know her sire, who is either a Spotty Crop offspring or Chirrikawa offspring, hence the name "Surprise"

Surprise was sold to Bridwell Pro Rodeo at the Benny Binion Sale in Las Vegas, Nevada.

So far she has had two WNFR qualifications, 2017 and 2018 in the bareback.


Momma's Boy

Name: MX #371 Momma's Boy

Born: June 3rd, 2013

Sex: Gelding

Momma's Boy's dam is MX Grey Mum (daughter to MX #55 Foggy Mountain, sire to NFR MX #69 Sacred Nation and NFR MX #100 First Kiss) Grey Mum's dam is MX #25 Tighten Down.

Momma's Boy is sired by multiple time NFR producer MX #777 Spotty Crop.

Momma's Boy was sold to Bridwell Pro Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2016.

He's going for his first WNFR this year.


Way Too Cool

Name: MX #45 Way Too Cool

Born: April 11th, 2001

Sex: Gelding

Way Too Cool's dam is MX #05 Blue Jeans (granddam to NFR MX #68 Hylo Hills, NFR MX #40 Black Coffee, and NFR MX #23 Black Knight) his sire is 4B Wild Discovery.

Way Too Cool was sold to Smith Pro Rodeo in 2004.

He went to the WNFR in 2005 as a bareback.


Name: MX #374 Mary

Born: July 1st, 2013

Sex: Mare

Mary's dam is MX My Maria and she's sired by MX #777 Spotty Crop. Bridwell Pro Rodeos bought her as a 3 year old at the Benny Binion Bucking Horse Sale in Las Vegas out of the futurity program.  As with the majority of our dummy futurity colts, Mary too has now been at her first NFR, and as a 5 year old..

She started her WNFR career as a five year old in 2018.